The Campus: How Things Have Changed!

The wide, lush green lawns are gone!  Aurora Boulevard, once the front of the school, is fenced off from the campus by a city block of commercial buildings.

Some time between the mid- to late 70s, the nuns needed a steady source of revenue to support their missions, so they leased a portion of the school’s front property to commercial establishments.

The statue of Mary on the fountain, which once faced the busy thoroughfare, now faces the elementary (main) building.

BEFORE: Mary’s statue once watched over the rest of the open spaces of the campus and the main gate on Aurora Boulevard,


TODAY: The fountain is dwarfed by the commercial buildings on Aurora Boulevard. Mary’s statue now faces the school.

The main entrance, which used to be on Aurora Boulevard, is now on Cambridge Street, next to the chapel.

The main gate is now on Cambridge Street. In the photo above, the Chapel of the Lilies can be seen in the background.

The open tennis court, located between the chapel and the high school building on the Cambridge side of the campus, is now a covered court.

The covered court is not only used for sports, but for other events as well (such as glee club performances and alumnae reunions).

The 2012 Reunion was one of many held at the Covered Court
View from inside the Covered Court shows the high school building in the background


The canteen is much, much bigger.

The library also has a media center now.

They’ve added a mini-museum.

You can even buy Stella Maris memorabilia at the store, including Stellan dolls.

There’s a covered walk between buildings now.

The large trees are still there.  These are pictures of the same tree, taken from different angles.  Note that a statue of Saint Francis has been added.

There’s another statue of Saint Francis near the convent.  The area is called Saint Francis Garden.

The lobby of the high school building looks so different now.

The auditorium has been renovated.

Entrance to the auditorium
Balcony seats at the auditorium

Yes, some things we once knew about the campus have changed, but the important things remain constant.  Stella Maris College continues to nurture its students to grow academicaly, socially, and spritually.  As the 50th anniversary of our graduation from high school approaches, we look back fondly on our school days, grateful for how it made us the strong women we are today.   Fifty years from now, we hope the new crops of students will echo similar sentiments.

The picture above links to a YouTube video that gives a glimpse of the campus today.  Click on the picture to view the video.


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