Ilagan, Shirley

7th grade and 4th year high school

Shirley Ilagan, Raquel Songco, Elizabeth Malig
3rd year high school
Shirley Ilagan, Estrella Alfon, Elizabeth Malig. Grade 7
HS Graduation
4th year college

July 2018

Shirley Ilagan Castillo has been happily living in  New Jersey for the last 28 years.  She currently works for a diplomatic mission to the United Nations where she reports directly to the Ambassador.

In her spare time, Shirley enjoys watching Broadway shows, gardening, and wine-tasting.  She also loves spending time with her two grandsons and three grand-dogs.


Her four daughters are all also living happily in the US and spend time with their mom often.

In the future, Shirley hopes to travel more and cross more places off her bucket list.