Geronimo, Gloria

7th grade and 4th year high school


Gloria and family, 2011

Gloria is a Managing Director, Real Assets at University of California Regents in the San Francisco Bay Area
Source:  Accessed March 2, 2018

Glo’s Reply to Jet’s Question (To Retire or Not to Retire?)

I am still working and not planning to retire anytime soon.  I still enjoy my job very much, although some days are tougher than normal.

Volunteer work seems to keep some of my retired friends engaged (church or charities they love – maybe Cancer Society).  I find guest lecturing at UC Irvine for Real Estate undergrad and grad students very rewarding so that might be a future for me to teach part-time and make a difference with our young ones, just like what our nuns did for us – giving back.

My mom retired at 65 and she was busier than ever – reading club, quilting club, foodie club, just having coffee club, painting and then church.  She also made sure she invited neighbors for Filipino food lunch once a month; all they had to do was bring desserts.

Lots to do, just have to keep our health in good shape.

So ladies, exercise, massage, yoga, tai chi, manicure, pedicure and lots of veggies, fruits, fish and chicken.  Some classes are free on the Internet.

You can do in your living room. I told Phil to take massage lessons and culinary school and he said OK, provided if I do the same too. LOL! No free lunch.

That’s all for now.

Love you all.