Boholst, Alice

7th grade and 4th year high school

Madeline, Wilhelmina, Socorro, Alice (3rd year high school)
Alice (front row, center) celebrated her 16th birthday with friends from Stella Maris and San Beda College.


Message from Alice in the SMC 2011 Homecoming souvenir program
Alice and her husband, 2016

Alice is retired
Source:  Accessed March 2, 2018

Alice’s Reply to Jet’s Question (To Retire or Not to Retire?)

I believe you have earned your retirement. Do the things you have often wanted to do, but never had the time.  Make a realistic Bucket List.  Little things count the most.  I learned this lesson from my grandkids, who are now 8 and 13 years old.

After all the presents and trips they have had, the thing they mention the most is how they enjoy coming to my house and waking up every morning and going out to the back yard to get oranges for their breakfast.

Make time with your husband. Go to lunch, dinner, and even a movie.  Have nice pillow talks about your day, experiences, and needs.

When we retired, we decided to live in a 55+ Active Adult Community so we can have options on trying out what we really want to do.  My passion then was golf.  Since they did not have Ladies 9-hole Association, I decided to start one.  I wrote the By Laws, recruited my neighbors and friends to be officers and board members.  I successfully acquired a tax exempt status with the IRS for our association. Ten years later, this association is still in full operation but I have lost my passion for golf.

I now invest most of my time line dancing.  I have a group of girlfriends who I line dance with. I also enjoy playing cards with my husband and with other couples.  Sometimes have “Girls Only Pegs and Jokers Game.”  I have a group of ladies that I shop with, make greeting cards and crafts with, and go to shows with.  I also volunteer at my church and the Senior Center.  I believe that after our life on earth, it is not what we have done that matters most, but how many lives we have influenced in a Christian positive way.

Make time to get a closer relationship with our Creator.  Jesus will guide you and help you through this indecision. He is an awesome God!

Good luck on your retirement…

God bless.