Elementary School Days

School Activities

7th grade graduation ceremony

Stella Maris taught us to be socially responsible.  We had the opportunity to join various religious, charity, and social organizations where we could help the less fortunate.  Prayer was part of our daily life:  rosaries, Mass, and quiet reflections.


Not only did we accumulate wisdom and knowledge through our academic life, but we also formed lasting bonds and friendships along the way.

Math Contest

P.E. Class

Field Trips were always a special treat.

Little did we know that one of us would eventually become a television and recording star.  We knew her as Milagros (Mila) Mercado (seen in the first picture above, third from right and again in the second picture above, first from left), but her fans knew her as “Millie Mercado.”    She was one of the co-stars in the popular television show, DSensations, with Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz.


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