1999 Reunion

1999 Reunion at Wilma’s Residence

Our 30th Anniversary!
September 1999 reunion.  TOP ROW: Fannie Reyes, Melvi Javier, Emma Estrada, Aida Josef, Tiny del Carmen, Thelma Johnson.  MIDDLE ROW:   Lucia Jamorabon, Ging Maăosca, Iris Santos, Wima Gomez, Penny Ponce, Alice Battad, Madeline Novales, Ditas Caleja.  BOTTOM ROW1 : Malou Gonzales, Inoy Nolasco, Jo efina Arreola, Merle Baroquillo, Paz ResureccionMiss Vera Cruz, Marilou Razalo, Regina Guinto, Maureen Pagaduan, Puny Cabrera, Tess Concepcion, Yvonne Sarenas


Josefina Ponce, Aurora del Pilar, Josie Arreola
Teachers Miss Mangahas, Miss Samonte, Miss Alvarez
Josefia, Yvonne, Wilma

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  1. Can you imagine the transition from our high school days to possibly the peak of those who pursued careers.

    We all look great! Merl is my favorite because she looks exactly the same even after 30 years. Congrats,

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