How would you describe yourself?

Tell us something about yourself.

Classmates, we’ve reserved a webpage for each one of you with your school pictures, but we’d like to include some insights about you Please send us your thoughts on one or more of the following items below (or anything you’d like to share about yourself, for that matter.)

What are you most passionate about? 
– my grandchildren (and why),
– teaching Christ’s Gospel through meditation (and why),
– animal advocacy (and why), etc.

What is your most significant memory?
– a lesson I learned from a particular teacher (what it was and how it affected me),
– being away from my mom & dad the first time I went to camp (how much I missed them, how it affected me, and how I dealt with it),
– when I met my husband (how we met, how I realized he was “the one”), etc.

Based on what you hold dear and what is most important to you, what is your greatest accomplishment?
– I’m proud that I raised my children to be good people (including what they’re like and how you raised them);
– As I took care of my ailing grandmother,  she was able to share many happy memories of our family history and traditions.  Before she went to heaven, she told me those were the happiest days of her life.
– I was able to get a PhD, inspite of adversities, such as failing health and financial hurdles (and how you did it); etc.

Do you have a funny or memorable story about something that happened in SMC?  Please share it with us!

REMEMBER:  This is not a competition.  Each and every one of us has her own unique talents.  God has called us in many, many different ways.

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